What to do when every project is on fire

  • Recognising everything is on fire
  • Pinpointing the oxygen feeding the flames
  • Proving the issue
  • Making measured changes
  • Building a critical mass

Recognising everything is on fire

Pinpointing the oxygen feeding the flames

  • We’re not well aligned with contractors from other companies on activities
  • We’re not well aligned with other teams in our own company on activities
  • The plan isn’t well communicated
  • The plan doesn't even exist — no timelines or estimates, just big unrealistic deadlines.
  • There are too many project managers
  • There is no project manager
  • Every meeting is booked last minute, don’t know what happened during it.
  • Nobody knows who to talk to, in order to get themselves unblocked

Proving the issue

Likert scale questions about project effectiveness.

Oh dear.

We are not communicating effectively on a large scale.

Making Measured Changes

Step 1 — Create a place for everyone to communicate without silos.

Step 2 — identify the project governance person, and make expectations clear

Step 3 — make a plan, talk about it a lot

Plan and timelines

Building a Critical Mass

  • Couldn’t get all the right people in the team
  • Everyone ignoring the room and using email anyway
  • People not adhering to meeting etiquette
MS Team usage analytics

What’s next?




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